o sitio da casa do canastro

Being a son, grandson and great-grandson of hunters, I´m accustomed since tender age to live together with this fantastic animal and loyal friend which we call dog. We always have had magnificent hunting dogs at home, German shepherds and even street dogs and I´ve early learned the more I respected the dogs, the more they respected me, the more I liked them, the more they liked me and it was that mutual love that made grew in me this responsible passion that is being a SERRA DA ESTRELA dog breeder.

I remember those walks that we did in the SERRA DA ESTRELA mountain where beyond the beauty of the scenery and the gourmet quality, something dazzled me even more: those "wolves" laying on the roadside, taking a nap but still alert. It was impossible for us to be indifferent to that frightening size but at the same time that tender look captivating us, those well open eyes of calm and intelligent expression and full of docility.

It was impossible to resist to so much sweetness, beauty and so much dedication. After a lot of research, contacting and meeting the best SERRA DA ESTRELA dog breeders and after acquiring excellent specimens of this magnificent dog race, arises O SÍTIO DA CASA DO CANASTRO.
I don´t want to be one more SERRA DA ESTRELA dog merchant, but instead to be a very bitter defender of the qualities of this admirable race, to preserve and defend this Portuguese dog race everywhere, and here, among other great SERRA DA ESTRELA dog breeders, I want to preserve its continuity to the best level, and work hard for this dog race to be universal and respected by everybody, and that everybody loves this loyal friend in the same way I do.

Joaquim Rocha

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